Integrating ConvertBar with a Shopify website

Add your Shopify site to ConvertBar

Make sure that the site created inside your ConvertBar dashboard matches the domain of your shopify account. 

If you're using a Shopify domain then your site will be

If you are using your own domain then your site will be

See this tutorial on how to add a site to your ConvertBar account


Add ConvertBar's embed code to your Shopify site

Login to your Shopify account.

In the menu on the left select Online Store then Themes


On the right hand side of the theme window, go to the Actions drop down and select EDIT HTML/CSS


From the list of pages on the left select theme.liquid, (it's located under the Layout heading)


Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and just before the closing </body> tag, insert your ConvertBar embed code. Then press Save.

To locate your ConvertBar embed code see this tutorial.