How to Install ConvertBar on your site

ConvertBar uses one single embed code for each site.

To get the embed code for your site, click the drop down arrow next to the site name at the top, and select "Manage Sites"


You will see a list of your websites. Click "Get embed code" next to the website you want to get the embed code for.

You will be given 3 options to add the embed code.

  1. You can install the wordpress plugin if your website is wordpress. Installing this plugin will automatically put the embed code on every page of your site.
  2. You can get the embed code and add it to your website yourself. With this option you will need to put the embed code on every page you want to use ConvertBar on.  
  3. You can send the embed code and instructions onto your developer

If you wish to add ConvertBar to an external website such as leadpages, shopify, squarespaces etc, check out our other tutorials under Integrating with other sites. Get in touch with our support team if you don't see your website listed.