Integrating with OntraPort

To connect your OntraPort account to ConvertBar please follow the steps below. 

Step 1
Login to your OntraPort account and select "Administration" from the your account menu.


Step 2
Select "Integrations" from the left hand menu and then select "OntraPort API instructions and key manager"

Step 3
Select "New API Key" above your API key manager. 

Step 4
Give your API integration a name, select the "Contact Owner" from the drop down menu and then click "Save". The additional settings for the old API can be ignored.


Step 5
Copy your APP ID and API KEY that you just created.


Step 6
Go to ConvertBar's OntraPort integration page. Give your OntraPort account a name and paste your APP ID and API KEY into the fields below. Then click "Connect to OntraPort" and your account is integrated with ConvertBar.