My ConvertBar isn't showing on my page

In the event that you bar does not show, please check the following things.

1. Check that the bar embed code has been added to your website See this tutorial

2. Check that the bar is Active and located under Active Bars. If it is under Inactive Bars, Activate it by clicking the slider button (top left of the bar).



3. Check that you have put the correct URL for the page you wish to display the page on. This is located under Setup > Bar Settings > Pages to display this bar on.

4. Check that the Bar Rules and Visitor Rules are not preventing your bar from showing. e.g.

  • The bar may be set to only show to certain visitors and you may not be one of those visitors, for example if you set the bar to only show to visitors in the USA, but you are located in another country, then the bar will not show to you.
  • Your bar timer may have expired already, e.g. you have set it to show for 24 hours and that 24 hours have now passed. Or you have set it to end on a certain time and date and that date has now past.
  • If you have set the bar to show a limited number of times and you have now viewed the bar that amount of times, it will no longer show to you. If this is the case then view the bar in a new private/ingognito browser window.
  • Check that you aren't required to see another bar before your bar is shown. This can be found under Rules > Visitor Rules > Visitors who have seen another bar.
5. If you are logged into your wordpress admin dashboard, log out, and refresh the page to view the bar.